Yearbook Advertising

Yearbook Advertising

We offer easy ways to help you fund the cost of your school yearbooks! One way of funding your yearbook with Picture This Yerabooks is by selling advertising. Two of the best options are personal ads for family members who would like to congratulate their students and commercial ads for local businesses who lend their support. Local businesses usually welcome an opportunity to support the educational institutions in their communities. Selling advertising does require someone on the school's part to send out letters to potential advertisers and to collect business info, such as logos, but it can also be a very effective way of financing the book. For more information on advertising, contact us.

We also offer other fundraising opportunities with Click here to see other ways you can do school fundraising with us.

Fundraising 101

  • Select a fundraising program.
  • Planning session - Set financial goals, fundraising time frame (we recommend 2 week;s for a fundraiser) and make sure you stick to the set time!
  • Alert community (students, teachers and parents) about fundraiser.
  • Promote fundraiser through parent letters, posters and community announcements.
  • Hold a "kick-off" rally, which educates the kids on the fundraising programs, and build enthusiasm to reach fundraising goals.
  • Start the fundraiser!
  • Monitor progress and provide encouragement and incentives to keep the kids motivated.
  • Once the fundraiser is complete, collect the order forms and money.
  • Tally the results.
  • Send tally form and payment to fundraising company.
  • Schedule delivery date with fundraising company.
  • Set time and place for student and parents to meet to pick up delivered products. Have parents and teachers to volunteer to help distribute product in an orderly fashion.
  • Check for damaged products and any mis-orders and make the necessary arrangements with the fundraising company for replacements.
  • Have they student deliver their products that they sold. A personal thank you letter by the students can't hurt.
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labor and start thinking of ways on improving your next fundraiser.

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