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Yearbook Software Yearbook Software


  • Easy to use Drag & Drop Tools, NO GRAPHIC KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED!
  • Quick, detailed video tutorials
  • Over 3,000 background designs and page templates
  • Automatic import of staff and student photos into unique class pages
  • 40 Installs for your Yearbook Team, at school or at home
  • On-Line Syncing of all team member pages into one single file
  • Multi-use for newsletters, fundraising books, club and sport specific books.

Watch Quick Software Overview & Quick Start Tutorials

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With so many yearbook ideas, designs, and themes to create a yearbook online, the creation process is fun and easy. And by creating your own school yearbooks you save the design cost! You can even have your students learn the software and create the yearbook as a class project, it's that easy.

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